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A contested divorce is likely one of the most difficult situations the parties will ever have to go through. Having a Michigan divorce lawyer  on your side who is competent and who is dedicated to helping you achieve a positive result is the most beneficial thing for you. Contested divorce cases tend to involve four distinct stages: (1) preliminary case workup; (2) discovery; (3) settlement; and (4) trial. Not every case will reach each stage of the divorce process. In fact, about 95% of our cases are settled before trial. Some case are not contested at all. However, if you and your spouse have some disputed issues, you can expect your case to follow a rather traditional path through the court system.

Contested Divorce Process in Michigan 

We Begin With the Preliminary Case Workup, During the first stage of a contested divorce, the preliminary case workup, we ask a lot of our clients. They must provide us with all of the information and documentation necessary for us to effectively represent them, including income information, bank statements, credit card statements, property documents and titles. All of our clients complete a thorough questionnaire. Once we have sufficient information, we draft the initial complaint for Dissolution of Marriage, have the client sign off on it, and determine the best way to serve their spouse with the initial papers. Once served, we file the documents with the court and secure a place on the docket. Our preliminary case workup usually takes about 30 days, but sometimes occurs much sooner. 

Your Spouse Will Have to Provide Us With the Information We Seek

During the second stage of a contested divorce, the "discovery stage," we ask a lot of the other side. Discovery allows us to gather an information your spouse may have in their possession and determine the position they will take on the issues in the case. In the interim, we may meet with the judge to have a decision on temporary custody, child support, possession of the homestead and spousal maintenance. Various experts may be involved in your case to assist with the valuation of property or business interests, or to perform a custody evaluation. Often the discovery phase of a case takes several months. 

The Case is Positioned for Meaningful Settlement Discussions

Once we have the discovery phase completed, we position your case for settlement. We might try mediating or sitting down with the other side to discuss various settlement options. Meanwhile, the court will require all parties to attend a pre-trial hearing to discuss settlement of the disputed issues. If we are able to reach a settlement that is fair and equitable, our lawyers prepare a marital termination agreement. This agreement outlines all of the terms in writing and is signed by both parties in front of a notary, along with all attorneys. We when submit the agreement to the court for final approval. The majority of cases are resolved this way.

If Your Case Cannot Be Settled We Take it To Trial

If we are unable to resolve your case, we prepare for trial. All divorces in Michigan are tried to the court, not to a jury. The length of the trial depends on the number of issues involved in your case. Some cases are tried in a day, others take several days. Trials are expensive (a single day in court costs several thousands dollars on each side) and emotionally draining, but sometimes very necessary. Most often, the cases we take to trial involve disputed custody and spousal maintenance issues.

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Issues in a Contested Divorce
Before a divorce may be granted in Michigan, there are usually a series of some issues that must be resolved. For example child custody and visitation must be decided. Property must be divided. Child support and alimony must be considered.  If there is disagreement between the husband and the wife  on any of the basic issues, a contested divorce exists. Most often each spouse typically hires a divorce or family law attorney to represent them. Your divorce may be the most significant legal and financial event of your life.  If you are poorly represented by someone not truly qualified to handle your case or inexperience lawyer it could prove to be a costly event and one that you regret for a long time.  

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