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If you or your spouse have made the decision to dissolve your marriage or you are seeking child support from an ex-spouse, it is important to have an advocate by your side that protects your rights as well as the rights of your family
 Valuing and Dividing High Value Assets

There is a lot at stake in a high asset divorce. To know just how much is at stake, your marital assets must be appraised. We work with financial specialists to accurately value our clients' assets including:

  Business Interests
  Vacation homes
  Rental properties
  QDROs, Pensions, 401(k)s
  Real Estate 
  Stock Portfolios
  Vehicles and Boats
  Jewelry, Artwork, and High-End Furnishings

Helping You With All Issues in Your Divorce

If you have financial support and property division issues, we will handle your case professionally and with compassion. If you or your spouse is contesting the value of marital assets, our accountants can analyze the value of pensions, retirement accounts and other assets in order to determine asset pension division and other alimony issues.

If you are a spouse who needs alimony during and after the divorce proceeding, we will make sure your needs are met and your interests are protected. If your children need support, we will make sure their needs are taken care of. If you believe you are paying too much in child support, and wish to have more time with your children, we will work on devising a fair and equitable arrangement.

Protect You & Your Family's Rights with Professional Legal Help
Michigan No-Fault Divorce made breaking up easier to do, passing a no-fault divorce law that stands to reduce long, cutthroat court battles over who’s to blame when marriages fail. So, Infidelity? Mental cruelty? These, along with other fault-based grounds are not applicable in Michigan. The only grounds for dissolving a marriage that you need to show in court called "irreconcilable differences".

Even we have no-fault divorce, our attorneys can help in situations where neither party is at fault for the divorce, division of property can be determine for any number of reasons including Infidelity, mental cruelty and spousal abuse. There are other factors including:

Disparity of earning power of the spouses and their ability to support themselves, including age, education, business opportunities and future employ ability of each spouse
One spouse's waste of marital assets
Health of the spouses
Which spouse was granted custody of the children
Debt and liabilities
The effort of each spouse in the creation of marital property, or in its increase of value
Tax consequences of the division of proper

The Divorce Process

Either spouse may initiate a no-fault divorce by filing a complaint. The plaintiff spouse must stated in her/his compliant that the marriage is “forever broken” and there is no hope of reconciliation. The divorce itself is normally filed in the circuit court for the county where the defendant spouse lives. If the defendant is not a Michigan resident, however, the plaintiff may file in his or her own home county.

High Level Experience in High Asset Divorce

In Michigan, division of marital property follows the rule of equitable distribution. In very general terms, marital property describes either assets acquired during the marriage from earnings during the marriage, or assets acquired because separate property was transmuted or commingled.

Marital property must be divided in all Michigan divorces. In order to divide marital property, a court must identify what marital property exists, classify the property as either marital or separate, value the assets, and divide the property equitably. In determining what is marital property, the details (and documents) matter a great deal.
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We assist clients throughout the divorce process, handling related issues such as:

Complex divorce  
Child custody and parenting time
Child support
Business valuation
Division of assets & debt 
No-Fault Divorce in Michigan

Residency Requirements for a Michigan Divorce 
 Divorce pain is temporary. It will pass. Staying married in an unhealthy relationship will last longer than the temporary pain of a divorce. Sometimes it is good to pull the old bandage off so that you can heal and move on with your life
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Our exceptional Michigan divorce attorneys and support staff are friendly, approachable, transparent, trustworthy and competent. If you are faced with a divorce or other family law matter, you may have many questions. Our divorce attorneys will answer every one of your questions. You may have questions regarding the laws that apply to your case. You will also want to understand the likely outcome of your case.
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Michigan Law Provides “no-fault” divorce, which means neither party has to prove the other has caused their marriage to end.
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Being Accessible 

When you have questions - especially in divorce - you shouldn't have a problem getting your lawyer to provide you with the answers you need.  Our divorce lawyers are available by e-mail and personally responds to their clients' phone calls within 24 hours.

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Your attorney needs to be willing to fight hard to protect your rights and your best interests. This doesn't mean creating unnecessary conflict. It means doing everything possible to help you get the best results.

Being Compassionate 

The weeks and months ahead may be among the most difficult you have ever faced. Our lawyers will stand with you, guiding you through the process and offering the compassionate and competent legal representation you deserve at this difficult time.
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At Advanta Law Firm, we are committed to providing the highest standard of legal services in divorce and family law cases delivered with respect and concern. We represent men and women in the Detroit, Michigan, area who have issues regarding complex family matters such as divorce, division of property, child custody, and child or spousal support.
What is no-fault divorce? This means that the party filing for divorce does not need to place fault on their spouse for why they're filing for divorce but rather, can indicate a reason as predefined by the state. This allows for one person in a marriage to have the ability to file for divorce without the other party’s consent, or without the other party doing anything wrong.
In order to file for divorce in Michigan, the residency requirement must be met before the circuit court will agree to take your case.  You need to be or your spouse a resident of Michigan for at least six (6) months prior to filing an action for divorce within the State Court. 
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